Somaliland: NEC and Political Parties Sign Elections Code of Conduct

Somaliland: NEC and Political Parties Sign Elections Code of Conduct

Somalilandsun: The three national political parties and National Elections Commission –NEC have reaffirmed commitment to a timely, free and fair parliamentary and local council’s elections as slated on the 31st May 2021.

The agreement to ensure the successful conduct of Somaliland’s first joint parliamentary and councils polls was reached after the NEC and the political parties of Kulmiye, Wadani and UCID signed the electoral code of conduct in Hargeisa.

The event was facilitated by local non state actor’s umbrella body SONSAF further ensued with the political party’s leadership pledging to abide by the terms of the Code, enshrined in the Somaliland elections law.

This exercise which takes place in the run-up to elections in Somaliland has the objective of promoting conditions that   are   conducive   to free and   fair   elections, more specifically ensuring that all the main players (State, Political parties and NEC) are

  1. a) Tolerant to divergent   political   views based   on democracy
  2. b) Facilitate peaceful and free   political   electioneering and   open   public   debate; and
  3. c) respect for human


The just signed political party’s elections code of conduct takes after that of 2009 which came about several deliberations between the political parties, state and Non State Actors as well as Somaliland democratization process partners.

Just as with political parties the National elections commission also enters as it has so far done for the 31st May polls has overseen signature to the Somaliland Elections Media Code of Conduct

in retrospect to 2009 The preamble to the code Ref:   XK/KD Q /723/ 09 reads

The   three   political   parties of Somaliland,

“After   holding a   series   of meetings   in   which   the   upcoming   presidential   election   was discussed

Fully   aware   of the   importance   of the presidential   election   to the   people   of Somaliland;

Mindful   that   successful   completion of   the   democratic   process   will   further   advance   the   cause of Somaliland;

Recognizing   that   free   and   fair   elections   will   enhance   the   prospect   for enlarged   freedom   and justice   in   Somaliland;

Cognizant   of   the   inherent   risks and   threats to the   nascent   democracy in the   transitional period

Fully   aware   of the   urgent   need   to create   an   environment   that   is conducive   to holding   free and   fair   elections;

Mindful   of the   shortcomings of the   Presidential   and   Local   Council   Law, amendments   to the voter registration that   needs   to be   concluded   so   that   election takes   place   in   a   proper manner

Have   agreed   to abide   by   the   letter   and   the   spirit   of this Code   of Conduct   which   was jointly developed   by   the   National   Electoral   Commission   and   the   three   political   parties   and   which was signed   by   the   parties and   witnessed   by   the National   Electoral   Commission   on 11   July 2009

For Details of the Somaliland Elections law and main actors code of conduct visit

Somaliland: NEC and Political Parties Sign Elections Code of Conduct

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