Somaliland: NC&RC Applauds Opposition Parties Reconciliation


As the council continues to Elicit Mixed Reactions

By: Yusuf M HasanLogo Consultative and Rectification Council

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Recently formed National Consultative and Rectification Council-NC&RC has raised the political heights to hitherto unknown levels due to the equitable support and opposition it continues to elicit.

The NC&RC which is composed of a number of prominent personalities says that its purposes is to provide the government with alternative ideas thus a balanced and all-encompassing base for the administration to make relevant nation building decisions, an objective vehemently opposed by the government of the day.

Following the just announced burying of the hatchet by the two national opposition parties of UCID and Wadani the NC&RC raised ire of the powers that maybe by applauding the reconciliation in a press statement signed by its Chairperson Mr Hassan Guure Jama that read:

Quote – “National Consultative and Rectification Council hails the new deal reached by the two official opposition parties namely UCID and Wadani that signed MOU at Ambassador Hotel aimed at establishing a new united front against the current government under the leadership of incumbent president Ahmed Silanyo.

the only option open for Somaliland to move forward and reach progress and prosperity is only through a united front by opposition parties, a unity than can play an important role in helping solve the many underlying problems.

the council urges the two official opposition political parties to come up with clear political strategy that can right what is wrong with Somaliland to keep the country in the right track for greater prosperity” -Unquote

While it was applauding the unity pact among the two long term antagonistic parties of UCID and Wadani the NC&RC was both cooling opposition fires and support directed at it from various quarters within and without the country.

While support has come from various personalities, Diaspora Somalilanders and traditional leaders, opposition encountered from the committee has been very swift especially from the administration fronted by presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali and several traditional leaders representing communities in a number of regions.

The bone of contention with the NC&RC is mainly on the issue that it is unconstitutional since the constitution has only legalized three national councils, namely, Council of ministers, Council of elders-Guurti and House of representatives.

The opponent s also argue that the country has established mechanisms for counter checking the administration thus a body unelected or not established by the constitution is irrelevant and a mockery of justice.

On its part the consultative committee and its supporters claim that the government and the ruling party of Kulmiye which runs state affairs in a carte blanche manner needs a body outside politics and composed of prominent personalities to steer the administrators in the right direction.

Some of the prominent political members of the committee include Abdilahi Hussein, who’s the spokesman, Faisal Ali Warabe (Chairman of Opposition Political Party UCID), Hassan Isse Jama (Chairman of Opposition Political Party Haqsoor), Eng. Mohamed Hashi Elmi (Former Minister of Finance), its Chairperson Mr Hassan Guure Jama and numerous other senior political figures.

The head of state president Silanyo and his interior minister Waran’ade have also supported the presidency minister in castigating the council, not to forget the Political parties Registration and Verification committee-PPR&VC which gave Eng. Warabe of UCID a threat of deregistration veiled in the form of a warning.

While the two sides claim they are right, Government in condemning the council and it Council in its onerous objective of salvaging the state it appears that the administration has pushed the panic buttons for no warranted reasons.

The government should reflect on the adage, “A frog does not deter an Elephant from drinking water” thus ignore the council and continue with its people mandated task of governing the country.

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