Somaliland: National Youth Policy On the spotlight


Planning minister Dr Saad Ali & Youth Minister Hon Ali S Raygal unveil youth policyBy M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government is evaluating, reviewing and amending, where applicable, the strategic national youth policy paper.

While opening on all-inclusive meeting meant to set the agenda on national youth policy overhead, the cabinet minister charged with the portfolio was evidently quite emotional and bitter.

“Since I came here I’ve been nagged by queries that have left me speechless for their validity”, said Hon. Ali Said Reigal, who was promoted recently from the National Printing Agency.

“The youth and the press often ask me on what has been done for the youth”, he said while adding, “How come the ministry is headquartered in such a shabby place is their query”.

Then the minister bitterly quipped, “Truly the questions are valid for this place looks like a shabby ghetto where liquor is sold”.

The minister said that issues such as the lack of sports grounds, and other development youth matters are what should be highlighted hence addressed.

Said he, “Why such things are not there or what is impeding them are what that should be pinpointed as the agenda”.

He said that 75% of the populations are the youth.

However, planning Minister Hon. Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire pinned the youth to 45% of the population in an age bracket of 7 to 24 years old.

Said Dr. Sa’ad, “Priority should be focused to the 7-24 age bracket who number 45%”, saying that the rest cannot be termed as youth.

The planning chief noted that it was imperative that youth issues should be addressed to avert crises.

“Social amenities as playgrounds are such needs”, he observed.

The one day meeting which drew members from the government, local and international NGOs also included intellectuals, youth organizations and technical experts.

The official national youth policy of Somaliland draft that was supposed to be tabled a couple of years ago was availed as the blueprint skeleton of the proposed stratagem. It addresses the rationale, challenges, priorities and intervention areas hence fully covers the socio-eco-political environment guiding principles.