Somaliland: National Party Boss to Pass the Mantle of Party Chairmanship to Abdikadir Jirde


somalilandsun:The opposition National Party (Wadani) chief Mr. Abdirahman Mohammed
Abdillahi (Irro) is expected to soon handover the leadership of his partyto the current acting chairman Hon.Abdikadir Jirde. The acting boss was ona private tour abroad and returned early this week to Hargeisa.

According to reliable news the Horn Newspaper received from some people
close to the opposition chief confirmed that Mr.Irro is has an advanced
plan in the offing to handover the mantle of the party leadership to
Hon.Abdikadir Jirde.

Hon.Jirde was elected the acting chairman in the National Party last
executive meeting, however if Mr.Irro surrenders the party power to him he
will automatically become the party chairman.

If for sure Abdirahman Irro appoint Hon Jirde to the party echelon of power
this will put to rest the political witch hunt and diatribe that claimed
Mr.Irro will not surrender the party chairmanship to anyone.

The new chairman if confirmed to be Hon.Jirde it will have a great
political ramification on the National Party which stands to attract the
heart of the masses. It will be a political calculus. Just the other day
National Party elected a new secretary general a Mr. Khadar Hussein Abdi.

On the other hand the National Party leader Mr.Hirsi Haji Hassan has also
jetted in from abroad. The coming days are expected to see the National
Party stalwarts chart new ways for the party. Meanwhile political
commentators are closely watching the political gamble or call it
arithmetic which WADANI will score.