Somaliland: National Higher Commission warns Advertisement of unregistered Universities


By: By Mohamoud Hasan Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland higher Education Commission released warning against making advertisement for the unregistered or unidentified universities in the country.

A press release to the media by Executive Secretary of higher education commission Mr. Husein Hassan Guuleed stressed that there are unregistered universities who work in a undercover manner and that such universities always advertise courses they never provided to the community.

He added that advertising baseless information by unregistered and unknown universities in the different sectors of the mass media in the country have been increasing recently.

He told that Somaliland National Higher Commission believes that such advertisements are skillful deception and conscious manipulation. “They are deceiving and misleading parents. Advertisements made by unregistered universities are full of dishonesties and are full of false information. Universities not legally registered in the country including Somaliland University, Mt Kenya University etc. many other universities advertise courses that they have no legal permission from the commission and other courses that they can’t provide to the society.”

Therefore; we are enlightening and requesting from all mass media communications not to release advertisements of those universities unless they have the legal permission of the national higher commission. This step will improve the quality of education and will prevent parents and youngsters who like to upgrade their knowledge from misleading and ambiguity.

This is the first time that Somaliland national higher education commission issued such warning since its inception and this message comes a time when foundation of unidentified universities are in their highest peak.

People are asking how such steps can become effective when illegally and unregistered universities in the country have already proliferated extensively.