Somaliland: National Consultation and Salvation Forum to Hold Conference in the UK


Invitation to a Wada Tashiga conference in BirminghamForum chieftains

Somalilandsun – National Consultation and Salvation Forum would like to invite the Somaliland Diaspora in the UK to come for the conference to be held by the group in Birmingham on Saturday the 9th of Nov. 2013.

Both UCID and Wadani political party representatives in UK are also attending the meeting. All are requested to come on time as there will be participants expected to come from far cities in the Kingdom.

The venue is : Birmingham, 15 Whitmore Road, B10 0NR

Saturday, 9th of Nov. 2013

For more information please contact :

Abdirizaq 07956664218,

Yusuf 07508439183,

Asha 07539090788