Somaliland: National Conference Deliberates Prevalent Prospects for Ongoing Dialogue with Somalia


By: Yusuf M HassanConference main speakers

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The way forward and expectations of the internationally sanctioned talks between Somaliland and Somalia is the topic of discussions during a two days national conference that kicked off in Hargeisa on the 14th August.

Organized by the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies of the University of Hagias the conference themed “Making Dialogue Successful: the Prospects of Somaliland–Negotiations” saw various dignitaries in participation for the opening session at Mansur hotel.

Among those who graced the occasion as well as provide thoughts on theme were the deputy speaker of parliament Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah, Minister of the presidency Hirsi Haji Ali, Deputy minister of foreign affairs Mowlid Mohamed Ibrahim, Former Vice president

Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah, Former mini9sters of finance and Information Mohamed Hashi Elmi and Bobe Yusuf Duale respectively and several intellectuals led by the University of Hargeisa vice chancellor Prof Abdi Hussein Gas and Mr. Aden Haji Ali the director of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, the event organizer.

.Conference participants day 1Speaker after speaker who emphasized on the onenesses of the nation as per the objective of the talks said nothing short of Somaliland as an internationally recognized nation shall be acceptable.

According to the deputy speaker of parliament Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah whatever agreements are entered upon in the course of talks with Somalia shall be signed the Republic of Somaliland and nothing less.

The presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali informed since the talks which are progressing to the fifth phase ensued in London last year, Somaliland has garnered favorable reception from the international community thus bringing recognition nearer.

On his part the Deputy Minister of foreign affairs Mowlid Mohamed Ibrahim said the talks are guided by the constitution of Somaliland which stipulates that the country’s sovereignty is not for negotiation nor is it irrevocable.

The director of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Aden Haji Ali who introduced the agenda of the two days nation dialogue conference informed that the objective was to come up with recommendations with a way forward for ongoing talks with Somalia that shall help guide the team of Somaliland’s negotiators with Somalia.

Revealing that the recommendations shall be as a result of the outcome of topics to be discussed by prominent personalities among them researchers, academicians, sectored experts, practitioners and policy-makers from within the country and around the world thus superbly articulated arguments either for or against the topics, which he outlined as:

1- Historical perspectives of the Union between Somaliland and Somalia

2- Negotiation and mediation Skills and Techniques needed during the Engagement Policy between Somaliland and Somalia.

3- Possible failure of negotiations and its consequences both in Somaliland and the wider region

4- An Alternative approach on eve of the Negotiation Deadlock

5- Somaliland: Towards Reconciling Complex Threats with Opportunities

6- Prospect of Somaliland and Somalia negotiations and its impact on the state

7- Diplomatic Maneuvering as techniques for Negotiation

8- Somalis Ownership of the talks and its impact to talks

9- Unequal situations between Somaliland and Somalia and its impact to the Negotiation

10- Somaliland–Somalia negotiations in a legal perspective

11- The Role of Somaliland Civil society during the Engagement Period

12- The Role of the Media during Engagement Period

13- Strengthens and Weakness of Internal situation of Somaliland and its impact on talks

14- Scenarios for Somaliland Somalia Talks

15- Leadership in the Transitional time: what the present leaders can learn from the Past History

16- The Role of International Community: Geopolitical effect of the dialogue

Read the full concept and event program of the national conference on “Making Dialogue Successful: the Prospects of Somaliland–Somalia Negotiations”