Somaliland: National Army Takes Positions 28 Kms from Garowe


on Surface and in the air capabilities to strike Garowe at will 

By: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) –the Somaliland National Army has placed troops with sufficient firepower to Strike Garowe the capital of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland.

Before proceeding to its current position 28kms of Garowe the army first took over complete control of several locations namely Kalabyadh, Karin Dabayl, and Darkeyn Geenyo among others in the wider Sool region (Including Buhodle and Ain).

The advance to new positions ands more specifgically closer to striking distance of Garowe town comes after never ending verbosity emanating from the Puntland government and more specifically president Abdiweli Gaas as pertains to annexing parts of Somaliland’s eastern regions.

The Puntland bluff of attacking and annexing Somaliland territories and subsequent dispatch of two battalion’s one commando and the other artillery to the frontline comes in the heels of recent warnings issued by Somaliland health minister Dr Suleiman Hagaltosie and opposition party UCID chairman Eng Feisal Ali Warabe.

Somaliland Commandoes promise to drink tea in Garowe 2 hours after incursion attempts by Puntland

According to reports from Taleeh the purported beachhead of the mystical Khatumo state presumably to be hived off Somaliland jurisdictional territory with the support of Mogadishu and Garowe Government’s Khatumoists militias made a fast retreat to Puntland upon advance by the two heavily and war ready Somaliland army battalions.

This move not only gives the government of Somaliland the strategic defensive advantage against any planned incursions by Khatumoist tribal militias and Puntland forces but also acts as deterrence towards the much touted visit to Buhodle by Puntland vice president Abdikarim Abdilahi Amay.

Though having the national army establish its land based beachhead within striking distance of Puntland has been the want of somalilanders they also hope that this move will bring sense to the regional authorities in Garowe thus avert a war which if it comes to somalilanders it shall be preservation of their avowed sovereignty which though is two decades without international recognition is not only irrevocable but one that all are in acquiescence as per preservation at all costs.

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