Somaliland: National Army Takes Control of HolHol Oil Fields


Somaliland's oil Block 18 in Holhol currently under full charge of National army

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HOLHOL (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland National Army has taken control of the HolHol oil fields deep in Taleeh district of Sool region in the east of the country.

According to reports not yet made official by Military authorities contingents of the national pulled from their permanent bases in Erigavo own (Sanaag region) as well as in Hudun and Las Anod towns in Sool region have established a new frontline base in HolHol.

The oil fields in HolHol whose survey and subsequent drilling are contracted to the Norwegian company DNO by the Somaliland government have been the issue of desire by Puntland a Somalia regional administration which is contesting administrative rights to areas in the East of Sanaag and Sool regions under the internationally recognized territorial jurisdiction of Somaliland solely on the basis that they, areas, are predominantly inhabited by Darood/Harti clans.

Puntland is entirely a Darood clan enclave and its never ending want for the areas in Somaliland are in pursuit of fulfilling its clan constitution which stipulates that all areas inhabited by Darood clans are under the administrative authority of the Puntland regional government in Garowe.

The Semi arid site in Holhol Somaliland where the army has camped and oil reserves have been proven to abound in millions of barrels

Information from Taleeh reveal that a few diehard militias aligned to the mythical Khatumo state are mobilizing secretly while awaiting supplies and the go ahead orders from Garowe to attempt repulsing the new dry-land beach heads established by the Somaliland national army in HolHol.

The Eastern regions designs of the Hargeisa government through its military high command which took control of the entire Taleeh district a fortnight ago before a tactical withdrawal is reportedly bent on eliminating any Khatumo militia activities from the district as well as that of its, militia, paymaster in Garowe.