SOMALILAND: NASHA, the Unreliable Handler at Hargeisa Airport


Somaliland sun – NASHA was founded in mid 1990s by the owners of Daallo airlines and was awarded the contract of handling at Somaliland airports. They bought second hand equipment at that time, with additional equipment since then. The equipment is fully depreciated and not fit for purpose, their friction and sound pollution is risky to the planes and the airport environment.
It generates millions of dollars in revenue and they do not pay chargeable tax to the treasury and never invested back in the airport.
Their staff has no special training in airport operations in terms of safety, airport security and safe handling.
Worst of all,Nasha is providing crucial and shared services to all airline companies operating at the airport including the competitors of its parent company Daallo such as African express,Flydubia and Ethiopian airlines. They do not provide services in equal footing but it supports Daallo in special and clever ways.
As it provides complete handling services at the airport and their sister company HRM provides airport security services they are able to bypass all airport security checks as well as customs checks.
Profits generated by NASHA are mainly used for political compaining, bribery at all corridors of power including the Ministry of aviation.
By, Eng Shire Ducaale
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