Somaliland: NAFAQO Meet Sellers Association Elects New Leaders


New NAFAQO officialsBy: Mohamed Suleiman

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Nafaqo Meet Sellers Association held their General Assembly meeting at Imperial Hotel and elected a president for the coming 2 years.

The meeting participants included chairman of Kulmiye central committee, the Presidents consultant of Youth Affairs, Director General of Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, the acting Maroodi-Jeeh governor and other high ranking members

Following free and fair voting, Mr. Dayib Omar Adan was elected Nafaqo president for the coming two years by a majority of votes with Shun Hussein Elmi as vice president while Mr Isse Kayse Warmahaye becomes the new general secretary

After the voting the meeting was addressed by chairman of the meeting organizers committee Mr. Abdirahman Haji Sufi, who said “Really Nafaqo association members and their executive committee have voted freely and fairly for the association’s leadership..

“Nafaqo association have passed several different stages with developmental activities taken place in every stage specific, and if ALLAH Says, we hope todays elected president will move from there and on wards” said by A/rahman Haji.

Also, some of the executive committee thanked to the previous administration of Nafaqo and mentioned that they developed the association during their period in the office, while they hope the newly elected leader will start from there.

Acting Maroodi-Jeeh governor Mr. Rashid Ahmed Muhumed as well mentioned that they are welcoming how transparent and democratically they held their election and transferred to the power in each other, which indicated how you are united.

Finally, the Presidents consultant of Youth Affairs said that ” it’s my pleasure to participate with you in this occasion, I would like to point out what the previous board of directors performed and what the chairman of the meeting organizers committee mention which is backwardness and it exists, it’s important to thank for others. We pray for the previous leaders and welcoming the newly elected Nafaqo Directors whom we promise to support and give advice to develop and improve from where the union stays today.

Furthermore, the elected president of Nafaqo Association stated that he will lead with justice, equality and that they will serve for Nafaqo to the best of their ability.