Somaliland: Nabbed Illegal Migrants Deported to Ethiopia


Illegal Immigration cartoon

By: Mohamed Abdilahi
BALIGUBADLE (Somalilandsun) – All large number of illegal migrants captured in the Hawd region of Somaliland have been all verified as nationals of Ethiopia.
After their captured they were handed back to the Ethiopian government that settles the borders between Somaliland and Ethiopia which is Bali Gubadle. The court commissioner of Hawd Sheikh Abdilahi, judged the criminals those who were prepared the illegal travel for the immigrants with human trafficking.
The three human traffickers found guilty were given various sentences with the driver of the lorry sentenced two years in jail and two million shillings Somaliland; the second one was the assistant of the driver sentenced one year in jail and two million shillings Somaliland; and finally the planner of the illegal travel sentenced six years and two million shilling Somaliland.
refugeesMoreover, the chief of the Hawd police applauded his officers for their diligence that resulted in police capturing the illegal immigrants while praising the officers for taking their duties seriously. Finally, the Mayor of Hawd also thanked the police capturing the illegal travel immigrants.