Somaliland: Mythical Khatumo State Goes Kaboom


Amazed Khatumoists listen to resignation statements

By: Yusuf M Hasan

TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – In celebration of two years of its creation senior members of the purported Khatumo State have resigned en-masse.

During February 2nd commemorations marking the 2nd anniversary of the proclamation of a Khatumo state held in Taleeh several officials announced their resignation and though no reasons were given apart from disillusion with the untenable quest for a state to be hived off within Somaliland jurisdictional Territory the following officials announced their resignation

1. Muqtar Habashi –Minister of the presidency

2. Abdifatah Osman Farah ‘Dala’a –Deputy minister for social services and

3. Mohamed Jama Shauur – Sool regional Governor and Mayor Taleeh

The resignations of these not very gentlemen come in the heels of similar act by their boss and one of the claimant to the Khatumo presidency Ahmed Elmi Osman “Ahmed Kharshe” who absconded his secessionism and accepted a post as minister of Interior in the government of Abdiweli Gaas president of the Puntland regional administrative region of Somalia.

The withdrawal of Ahmed Kharshe though o have settled things came to naught following his protracted battle for political control of the Khatumo secessionists movement with another claimant to the mythical stat’s presidency Abdinour Elmi Ka’aje “Biinde” who is now reported to be in talks of clemency with Somaliland government.

While aspiratio9ns for self rule are mostly supported by Somalilanders the fragmentation of the mythical Khatumo state is receiving wide acclamation since the Khatumoists are the Achilles Tendon to their own aspirations for International recognition.

in Greek mythology, the principal hero of the Trojan War, made invulnerable by being dipped in the river Styx as a baby, except for the heel he was held by. He killed the Trojan hero Hector before being fatally wounded in the heel with an arrow fired by Paris.

In Somaliland a mythical state dubbed Khatumo now in its second year purportedly to be hived off parts of the country’s Sool region is undoubtedly the country’s Achilles Tendon and not via its location in which it connects Somaliland to Somalia but in relations to never ending headaches.

Khatumo and the few adherent Khatumoists are basically a gimmick to tarnish the image of Somaliland internationally as well a means to a foot in the country’s affairs by main sponsor Abdirahman Farole who until a few days ago was the president of Puntland a regional administrative region of Somalia.

Despite its recent fallout with Farole following a brutal attack by his then deputy Gen Abdisamad Ali shire in Taleeh town deep inside Somaliland’s territory that left scores dead and injured as well as loss of property and ensuing displacement of residents the mythical Khatumo state continues to advance objectives of its formations, the tarnishment of Somaliland’s record of peaceful co-existence.

Its main backer and Somali member of parliament Ali Khalif Galayd started the downward spiral of the Khatumoists when he termed the attack of Taleeh by his cousin and then deputy president of Puntland General A Ali Shire under orders from his now out of office boss Farole, as a “massacre that the people of Taleeh shall never forget and will revenge”

As of now and without the financial and military backing of Abdirahman Farole and notwithstanding declared intent of support by Somalia Federal Government President Hasan sheikh the MYTHICAL KHATUMO SATE IS KABOOM!

Somali speakers can listen to the resignation statements HERE