Somaliland: “My Resignation is on Medical Grounds” Hamarje


Governor Hamarje

By: M.A Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -Togdeer Regional Governor Ahmed Omar Abdilahi (Hamarje) has confirmed that he has tendered his resignation to the Head of State shortly before he left the country for Ethiopia.

Gov. Hamarje who spoke to members of the press said that it was true according to the media speculation about his quitting the important post but said that it was based on personal and private matters.

“It is true that with all respect due I have tendered my resignation to the Head of State but not as speculated but on medical grounds”.

The regional chief who also served in the same capacity in Marodhi-jeeh cautioned the media on disseminating issues without verifying them.

He denied insinuation that he opted to resign because of pressure to do so from some quarters.

He made it clear that he was a public servant before and is still now hence meekly awaits for the President’s response or further orders.

“I worked for the government before and I work for it now”, he said, and added, “So too did I work with/ for the President before just as I do now”

Mr. Hamarje stated that he stood by the President at all times and quite humbly.

A day earlier on, Friday the 10th of January, local media web-sites reported the governor’s resignation while purporting it to be associated with (or emanated from) jailed former Togdeer deputy governor Guleid.

“The media should desist from wild speculations,” urged Mr. Hamarje