Somaliland: “My Political Ambitions are National and Not Clan Based” Foreign Minister


I Am a State Minister and Not a Candidate to Any Individual nor Clan Says Somaliland Foreign Minister Mohamed Behi Younis

By: Omar. A. Omar ‘Moyale’
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun). The Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation Mohamed Bihi Younis undoubtedly accent to the public that he condemned not to be anybody’s contender after the was understood from the HOODAALE meeting where the ruling party KULMIYE long-established who will be the successor after the President Silanyo will complete his remaining two terms .
The minister made this remarks after his return to the country from a recent visit on official duties to Ethiopia.
”My contention is not for KULMIYE but rather intentional for all Somaliland and that I am a state Minister who came back to his country in a target of societal progress and emphasis in the way we harmonize the foreign affairs and strengthen the coordination between distant allies and our measure”, said Mohamed Behi Younis
He further remarked that he work as inter-cooperation between the overseas policy and solid determination on behalf of the people of Somaliland and Beesha Committee Conferences of Sa’ad Muuse cannot disquiet him. The impression of all this is to exemplar who will be among the competitive candidate within the ruling party KULMIYE after the retirement of the current President Hon. Ahmed Mahamed Mahamud (Silanyo).
” We set up an assemblage of politics in subsidy of the country in mandate for them to vie within the party KULMIYE” said the Minister.
The committee elected from HOODAALE levied that the chair of ruling party Mr. Muse Behi Abdi would be among the aspirant who will contend for KULMIYE party after President Ahmed Silanyo complete his continuing two terms. The committee also told that the ultimate communication bonds among the three candidates, Chairman of KULMIYE party Muse Behi Abdi, Finance Minister Hon. Abdiaziz Mohamed Samale and Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Younis was conveyed to an opinion.