Somaliland: “Mr. President Your Delegation was Aptly Prepared for Talks with Somalia” Hassan Isse Jama

Former Somaliland VP” Hassan Isse Jama share a hug with President Bihi in this file foto

Somalilandsun: The Conduct of President Musa Bihi Abdi and his delegation at the just concluded summit on relations between Somaliland and Somalia in Djibouti has been congratulated by former Vice-President Hassan Isse Jama,

The Former VP one of the top-most notable in SNM hierarchy who is currently in Turkey extended the congratulations through a letter shared by the presidency press office

Dated 17th June 2020, the article is based on last week’s resuscitation of Somaliland-Somalia Talks which saw the country pragmatically re-state hence re-affirm its conviction of continuing the way the President presented both his oral arguments and print testament.

Loosely translated direct from Somali language, the item went as follows:-

In my personal capacity as Hassan Isse Jama, I congratulate the President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi for the triumphant victory he achieved at the Somaliland-Somalia talks convened by US, Ethiopia and Djibouti (as intermediaries) hence hosted in Djibouti which had African Union in attendance as observers.

I underscore the following points as the main basis of my congratulations to the Head of State for the bravery he depicted in putting forth the emotive aspirations of his people and that of his country asfar as not only sovereignty but full international recognition is concerned.

  1. The triumph in winning the prerequisite conditions for having any future Somaliland-Somalia Talks have non-Somaliland natives as Somalia delegates and that the international communities attend as observers.
  2. The preparedness of Somaliland delegation to the Djibouti talks and the pursuing its aspirations as
  3. The outcome of the meeting which held that grants or aid from the

International community to both countries should not be politicized and that the Talks should prioritize the plight of its subjects (people).

  1. The communiqué which depicted both entities as separate countries which also corresponded different heads of the state.
  2. The high caliber and apt choice of delegates in his entourage and similarly able technical committee named.


I always held that (since 1991) that the way to recognition had to start (in dealing) with Mogadishu, hence the late Abdirahman Ahmed Ali (First Somaliland President) and I sent a delegation to Mogadishu (to that effect) led by Sulaiman Mohamoud Adan in 1991.

The subsequent administrations later on shelved that policy hence when I later floated back the idea in the local media, the administration of Ahmed Silanyo initiated the process and President Musa is today underscoring it; this is because the interests of Somaliland can be realized in this manner.

Somaliland will at most (in this manner) achieve international recognition or, to a lesser extent, properly acclaim international acknowledgement.

When you are righteous you put forth your case. This is because the international community protocol demands one (entity) to put forth (plainly) one’s case hence as expected ought to argue out the facts.

  1. The administration, and every other administration, has the justification to be hailed for any positive direction (steps etc) it takes or achieves.

It is just as the opposition parties have the right to put an administration in check and advices it (where and when necessary) against any negative aspects thereof.

H.E. Hassan Isse Jama signed the article in his capacity as a veteran SNM, hence noted that he was writing while in sojourne in the Turkish country.

By M.A. Egge