Somaliland: Mr President Where is the Hargeisa Women’s Hall”


Somalilandsun- Along time ago when the then British Somaliland was in its infancy, an English women on visit to Hargeisa became astounded by the poverty especially among women.
In her small way she decided to do something thence the establishment of the Hargeisa women’s Hall where for almost over a century our women folk not only us f as a meeting place but training Centre for various skills that led to their gainful employment.
This was narrated by politician Hussein Ahmed Aideed at an Opposition Wadani party function in Kodhbur district in Hargeisa where he also equated the current status of the Silanyo and Kulmiye party administration to the exact point of the Rayale And UDUB party in runup to 2010 presidential elections
The politician who once served in the Silanyo administration as minister of justice a position he resigned to join Opposition Wadani party, the Removal of the Hargeisa women’s Hall from public to private ownership is contrary to campaign pledges as pertains protection of public property by president Silanyo during his heydays in Opposition.
Politician Hussein Aideed who revised a presidential decree issued in 2015 pertinent to protection of public property said that though the decree was issued in he wee hours of the outgoing president Silanyo administration the head of state should see to it that he order is implemented especially as pertains the century old women’s hall.
Queering why the president didn’t issue the order immediately he assumed office in mid 2010 but had to wait term expiration to do so, the Wadani party official was pessimistic the women’s Hall ever reverting to public ownership considering that it was acquired by the president’s family more the First Lady.
A part from the flagrant disposal of public property now ongoing Politician Husein Ahmed Aideed pointed to the non payment of civil servants salaries for some now in the fifth month.
“We all remember that when Silanyo took office he also assumed a school months civil salaries debt, and with the non payment of the same by his administration forever about back pay but pay at all”
Covertly equating the current status of the Silanyo administration to that of the Rayale one during runup to presidential el cations in 2010, Aideed was convinced that the non payment of civil servant salaries notwithstanding that they have been allocated in the 2017 budget, the regular arrest and detention of innocent Wadani party officials and wanton disposal of public property was a sure indication that the Silanyo administration is at its end not o mention the demise of Kulmiye party as a viable political force in he country.
Currently the former Hargeisa womens hall compound is used as a parking lot for Jirde Hotel In the meantime as we put politics aside and pursue your recent demand towards crackdown on corruption, Mr President the Public Wants to Know Where is the Hargeisa Women’s Hall”