Somaliland: MPs shouldn’t hold us Hostage to Ransoms we’re Oblivious to



Acrimonies started after the Somaliland  House of Representatives changed seating arrangements thence dislodging the two deputy speakers from their patch beside the speaker

Somalilandsun – We have more expectations and bigger issues to deal with other than entangling ourselves with trivial issues.

It is high time that we should come of political age other than reverting to Stone Age barbarian on tribal lines.

Given that the next general elections are less than a year and a half away this is definitely not the time for rattling over petty things. This should be the time to reflect back hence mend the ways and means to fortify the threshold of harmonious setting. Such fortress t is one that needs to aid in sustaining, maintaining and bonding of peace, stability and unity, which indeed is definitely a pre-requisite in aspiring for a solid statehood.

Our parliamentarians are surely treading on a thin ice whose slippery nature is a do or die situation for them.

Whereas this column has for a long time been heaping barbs upon barbs in brooding consternations atop their “honours” as a result of their own-making, below expectation servitude, we quickly once more caution them not to bring our nation into disrepute.

While we are well aware of the time our MPs have lost, its repercussions have been untold amount of money lost, policy set-backs, un-necessary tag-of-wars or what-have- you blows dealt to the members of the public to whom they are hugely indebted in.

Of course we support the President when he states that the legislature, just as the executive, is an arm of state whose conducts are limited to their constitutional margins.

In whatever qualms, issues, conducts or so called services the House has as far the nation and the people of the land are concerned, they should be not only rest assured, but definitely warned, that the country would not allow to be put in an ugly situation because of their whims, wants, confusions or whatever one may call it.

We want development and not to be hold in ransom by a legislative assembly who may not even know in the first place as to why they were elected, where they were elected to or what they are supposed to be or do.

This is not the first time that we hear them yelling loudly as to holler cries of foul.

They have always, time and again accused the government of meddling into their affairs.

If they are indeed the honourable people they are supposed to be, how would they make such claims repeatedly?

Do they want hold the country hostage by perpetually indulging into petty issues that do not concern those who elected them in the remotest sense?

The latest to cry foul, unashamedly, is none other than the Speaker of the House himself. That the President has come out clearly on the MPs’ cry of foul is now quite vividly on record.

The Head of State has been categorical that the government was in no way whatsoever indulging or interfering with the goings at the August house.

MPs leave the house after Elders of the Guurti upper chamber intervend to stop deliberations of 8th Feb in which changes were ti be made to house by-laws

That much said, it is now incumbent upon the MPs to follow their expected cue and conduct their businesses in the proper fashion expected.

Reiterating herein, we do once more, remind the MPs to know priorities that the nation wants and deal with the real needs that abounds thereof.

We are tired with un-commonsensical issues which beckon clannish and tribal emotions always catered for egotistical whims.

We are tired, again, on petty issues that leaves us more tattered and weathered then we were before.