Somaliland: MPs Deliberate Improvement of Peace and Security


MPs vote for the agenda of the 18th Session/file

By: Waris Mohamed

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland’s House of Representatives held a session where they discussed methods of further improving peace and stability nationwide.

This discussion was lead by the deputy of the House and was attended by members of the House.

The aim of holding similar discussions is finding methods of improving and maintaining peace and stability in Somaliland. The members of the House of Representatives had long debated on the agenda of peace which plays one of the main roles in every state.

Deputy of the House of Representative Sacid Jamac Ali gave a conclusion speech to the representatives and spoke about the significance of peace in Somaliland.

He also encouraged the people of Somaliland to always make the peace of their country a priority, elaborating widely on how big is the role they play in leading Somaliland all for the better.