Somaliland: MPs Condemn Government Sale of Public Properties


Two of the six rooms slated as offices for the Timaáde Basketbal court in Hargeisa allegedly been sold

Written by Geeska
Somalilandsun-Members of parliament have strongly accused the state for selling public properties unlawfully. Speaking on behalf of the legislators who had signed the condemnation letter Hon. Saeed Elmi Rooble warned the government to stop the illegal practice of auctioning public property to political correct individuals and cronies of the ruling elite.

The legislator went on to say that the government should avoid by passing the constitution to do whatever it deems fit this he added will leave a bad legacy to Somaliland. Hon.Saeed who is the chairman of Constitutional Committee in parliament stated that it was the responsibility of the government to safe guard and protects state property.
MP Said Elmi Roble“As you all know the government has sold many buildings, land and public spaces which most are unaccounted for. The constitution is clear according to article 12 number 2 states that it is responsibility of all arms of the government from judiciary, legislature and executive to protect and maintain public assets. Article 5 numbers 12 points out and vividly highlights how public assets can be disposed after following constitutional guidelines. We have hundreds of rich businessmen who’ve bought factories and house in questionable circumstances.” Hon. Saeed Said.
The legislators signed a petition warning the government to stop selling public assets. Names of the MPs who signed are as follows
Hon. Saeed Elmi Rooble.
Hon. Baar Saeed Farah
Hon. Mohammed Farah Qabile
Hon. Jama Hassan Adan
Hon. Hamud Osman Egal
Hon. Ibrahim Mahdi Buubalone Somaliland woman MP Hon Baar Saeed among signatories
Hon. Ali Ibrahim Areye
Hon. Hashi Hussein Abi
Hon Bashir Hussein Tukale
Hon. Ali Haji Muse
Hon.Mohammed Salah Ige
Hon. Saeed Warsame Ismael
Hon.Adan Mohammed Hoori
Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Jama (Hoog)
Hon. Hussein Mohammed Ige.