Somaliland: MP Hoog Partakes in Germany “Time to Invest in Africa” Conference


HAMBURG (Somalilandsun) – A team from Somaliland representation the legislature and Civil Society organizations government participated in renewable energy conference that took place at the coastal town of Hamburg, German.
The 9th German Africa Energy Forum whose theme was “Time to Invest in Africa’ saw the German hosts invite African governments-consisting of cabinet ministers’ in-charge of energy and parliamentarians in energy House committees.
Somaliland delegation comprised of MPs Abdirahman Mohamed Jama (Aw Hoog) of the Somaliland parliamentary Social Affairs Committee & Ahmed Hassan of the Horn Africa Research Institute and Somaliland Renewable energy organization were among invited guests of the Time to Invest In Africa Conference that included All African embassies in Germany as well as multinational petroleum companies based in Germany such as Siemens International,Gauff,Voith, Man Diesel & Turbo among others.
The Energy conference that ran for two days (4th -5th May) with over 400 persons partaking in the energy was aimed at exploring ways of harnessing renewable energy to yield maximum benefits.
The Somaliland delegation consisting of the two MPs were treated with VIP status and were reserved seats in the second raw just behind cabinet ministers of the hosting nation.
Both Aw Hoog and Ahmed Hassan challenged petroleum companies to invest in Somaliland citing stability and tranquillity enjoyed by the small unrecognized nation. The delegates explained in details that Hargeisa & Mogadishu are two different regimes before further showcasing that Somaliland is sovereign and independent of Federal Government of Somalia.

Important speakers at the conference included:
1. Stefan Liebing, the head of European Business Council & Mediterranean nations,
2. Olaf Schloz, the Mayor of the hosting coastal town of Hamburg,
3. Stephan Steinlein, State secretary of federal foreign office Germany,
4. Rainer Baake, State secretary federal ministry of economy & energy.

Various lectures and academic papers on the use of renewable energy were presented at the meeting including;
1. Powering Africa’s future, high level outlook on Africa’s energy sector
2. Sustainable hydro power generation, financing energy projects
3. Renewables-Africa’s way to sustainable growth
4. New development of oil & gas sectors