Somaliland: MP Absolves Kulmiye on Country’s Economic Woes


As Legislator Alin lays blame of the ever upwards spiraling cost of living on the administering of president Silanyo.

The common Somaliland citizen no longer affords three meals a day

Somalilandsun – Difficulties the common man is encountering as a result of the high forex exchange in the country that has grossly led to devaluation of the Somaliland shilling though it shall not impinge negatively on the aspirations of ruling Kulmiye party in November presidential elections
This was stated by MP Abdirahman Osman Alin of the Somaliland parliament and Member of ruling Kulmiye party during an interview with Geeska Afrika in where he also punched on issues related to ongoing voter issuance exercise in Maroodi-jeeh and Toghdeer regions.
On the hard biting inflation that prevails in Somaliland MP Alin apportioned Blame on the administration for letting issues reach such levels in which a USD is exchanging at between 9-10,000 Somaliland shillings.
Said he, “It is discernible to all and sundry that the administration is unable or unwilling to effect appropriate strategies to hence rein in the falling value of the local currency Vis’a’ Vis foreign ones that has ensued with the prevalent high cost of basic commodities and purchasing power among the citizenry”
Stressing on the fact that never before has the country seen such a drastic forex driven devaluation of the Somaliland shilling, the ruling Kulmiye party functionary did not fail to Reminisce on the the half-hearted strategies put in place by the administration more so the high level national anti inflation committee not to mention the lackluster manner those in charge of economic and financial management and planning go about their work.

“The administration is fully responsible for people oriented policies thus none other to blame for the many and accumulated blunders leading to the current woes in the country” said MP Abdirahman Osman Alin
The legislator as at pains to understand how those in authority are in regular trips abroad on one excuse or another, paid from the coffers while the tax payers are wallowing in poor economic policy constraints.
Queried on the impact of inflation on the Kulmiye party’s quest for the Somaliland presidency come elections in November, the legislator did not mince words as he defended the ruling party,
“Though it is the ruling party it is the administration rather than Kulmiye which is responsible for the economic mess”
While stressing on the oft repeated accusations of supervising the spiraling Inflation made against Kulmiye by Wadani and UCID parties, MP Alin urged formulation of counter measures rather than finger pointing by the Opposition politicians who have made, this. Difficulty a rallying call.
On plans being pursued by Kulmiye MP Alin said, “the ruling party is at an advanced stage of putting anti inflation strategies in place “and not for the sake of the just around the corner president election but for the sake of suffering citizens”
On the same breathe the legislator was explicit on the fact that if it succeeds in the presidential election, Kulmiye shall completely reverse the high cost of living, precluded by lowering the forex rate of exchange and subsequent increase in value of the Somaliland shilling.
On the discernible covert campaigns by political parties contrary to rule that dictate ugh is only undertaken once designated by the national election commission, the MP quickly defended his party Kulmiye by saying “during the alleged covert campaigns which in our instance saw visits to areas such as Salahley and Baligubadle districts in Maroodi-jeeh region “we only participated in voter card collection awareness raising among of the public.

And without minding words MP Abdirahman Alin concluded by accusing the Opposition parties of campaigning covertly high is against both the inter-party/NEC MOU and election laws of the country.