Somaliland: Mother of 11 Loses Livelihood after Covid-19 Prevention Schools Closure

mother of 11 Ms. Shamis Farah Mohamed appeals for help

Somalilandsun: “This Ramadan feeding my family will be very difficult because am the sole breadwinner but currently not earning any income.

This was informed by Ms. Shamis Farah Mohamed a resident of Hargeisa and mother of eleven schools going children as she made an appeal for help to the public and government during an interview with reporter Kadhar Mohamed Hashi of Dawan newspaper.

Mohamed moge school closed

The woes for the this mother  who is the sole family breadwinner started over a month ago when the government shut down all educational institutions as part of measures to prevent spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Shamis with some of ner children

“For 17 years I have earned my family’s livelihood from a food and sweets stall at the Mohamed Moge primary school in Hargeisa” revealed  Ms. Shamis adding that her small scale business came to an end in mid-march when the government of Somaliland shit down all schools due to covid-19.

According to her, she used to generate about $12 on a daily basis which though not much made it possible for her to feed, clothe, shelter and educate her children.

Ms. Shamis though married is the only family earner since her husband has been bed ridden for many years due to an ailment that can only be treated abroad.

Said she “We are a poor family that exists from hand to mouth thus not able to afford treatment abroad for my husband”

Ms Shamis at her her home in Hargeisa Somaliland

Stressing that she fully supports all measures put in place by the government to fight Covid-19 Ms. Shamis also says that many like her have been impacted negatively.

In conclusion this mother of 11 appealed to members of the public and government for support especially during this holy month of Ramadan thence feed her family.

This family is not alone for many citizens have lost income following the corona virus prevention measures following closures of schools, borders not to mention that many also depend on remittances from relatives abroad now almost ceased.

Any help be it financial or material can be made to Ms. Shamis Farah Mohamed   through Tel number 0636996306

The foodstall of Ms Shamis opposite Mohamed moge school in Hargeisa somaliland