Somaliland: More SL/UK Boldness Inevitable



Somalilandsun – The UK/SL meeting held aboard the RFA Mounts Bay perhaps needs no more elaboration other than that hammered home again and again by Amb. Wigan who repetitively elaborated that the meeting graced by the President, important SL Ministers and two UK ambassadors was one that was not a mere two week inter-forces drill.

He was trying to make it be understood that HRM’s government (in the form of the UK) was trying to clarify vividly their position in as far as their interests in SL was concerned.

Unequivocally, he reaffirmed his country’s commitment to SL hence saw it as one un-shattered over the times.

What any political observer or any worthy pundit would see is the fact that this column has always been right about UK’s position vis-à-vis SL situation.

Articles we ran before trying to make people understand what SDCT is all about, its background and legal status, of Sec. Hague’s sentiments on UK embassy’s fronting SL desks etc were all issues distracters tried their level best to blot out or distort spiritedly. They tried portraying British as being cold to SL; hence did a lot to peddle concocted stories that was tailored to shun or be pessimistic about SL/UK relations.

Relations naturally ought to be dual hence mutually reciprocated. Amb. Wigan metaphorically noted this when he noted that the training wouldn’t have been a success were it not for SL coastguard’s total commitment and co-operation.

Yes, of course, we bank on our government to hearken to the mutual tidings hence elevate the notches of our relations to even unprecedented greater heights.

When Von Clausewitz, as battle hardened as he was, ideally described interests to be things pursued by both conventional and unconventional means, the ambassador was quite telling.

Assuming that we grasp the grains worth of the situation, it is wise for all stake holders to be bold enough and deal with issues straight on without the qualms that have dotted our half century dark past.

We should all stand up to be counted hence defend our rights as due.

Our aspirations are quite clear and there should be no blurs about them.

Friends and foes should be rest assured that as an entity SL is here, and here, to stay.

Of course in all our endeavours, be they aspiration for dejure status, human development or peaceful stability, indulgences with more friendly or allied countries is indispensible; thus, again, we note your words Mr. Ambassador.

Brethren, let’s read between the lines.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media group