Somaliland: Mogadishu Parliament Dismisses MP Galayd’s Ankara Communique Motion


 Ali khalif Galayd motio0n dismissedBy: Yusuf M Hasan

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – The Somalia parliament has revealed that it has complete confidence in the Mogadishu based government as pertained to negotiations with Somaliland.

This was informed by the deputy parliament speaker Hon Mahad Abdale Awad while dismissing a motion fronted by MP Ali Khalif Galayd that aimed to dismisses the ramifications of the Ankara communique which he claims gives recognition to Somaliland.

The seven point Ankara communique was signed earlier this month by the governments of Somalia and Somaliland following successful talks hosted by the Turkish government.

In his maiden speech to parliament last week MP Galayd who is of Somaliland origin castigated Somalia president Hasan Sheikh Mahmud for acceding to the Ankara Communique which he said, “recognizes the existence of Somaliland”

The Saturday session of parliament held in Mogadishu and attended by 170 MPs declared that the motion forwarded by the Galayd and some MPs was “illegal” and “could not be discussed in the House”.

Informing that the parliament has confidence in the government Deputy Speaker Awad said: “We have provided the Federal Government the confidence to advance the country’s politics. The Constitution does not allow us [Parliament] to interfere in the Government’s agreements.”

According to Garoweonline some federal parliamentarians expressed their frustrations with the parliament leadership’s decision.

Speaking at parliament, MP Ali Khalif Galayd accused the Somali federal government of “recognizing Somaliland” as an independent country.

The agreement, signed on April 13, 2013, in Ankara and mediated by the Turkish Foreign Minister, was signed by Somali Interior Minister and Somaliland’s foreign minister. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Somaliland’s leader, Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, witnessed the signing ceremony in Ankara alongside Turkey’s foreign minister.

The agreement called for continuation of “dialogue” between the two parties, but did not clarify any clear position regarding Somaliland’s bid for international recognition as an independent country.

Political insiders say parliament’s leadership was “engaged in closed-door talks with President Hassan”, leading to a two-day delay in the opening of parliament.

President Hassan has come under pressure from Somali political corners following the agreement with Somaliland that has demanded international recognition since 1991. Detractors accuse Somaliland of “illegitimately” claiming Sool and Sanaag regions and in 2007, the U.N. reported that over 50,000 civilians were displaced from Las Anod after the provincial capital of Sool region was seized by Somaliland military forces.

MP Galayd, a former Somali Prime Minister and now member of Somali Federal Parliament, hails from Sool region of Somaliland.

in an adress to British Somalilanders recently the presidency minister Mr Hirsi Haji Ali vehemnetly castigated MP Galayd for what he termed as his perpetual hate to his motherland of somaliland thus blindness to anything positive, Clich here toRead the Hirsi article MP Galayd blinded by hate of his homeland