Somaliland: MOFA documents the Historical, Legal and Humanitarian Cases for Somaliland recognition


As the government launches books detailing the history, legal and humanitarian cases of Somaliland’s quest for international recognition
Somaliland documents the Historical Legal and Humanitarian Cases for Somaliland recognition

Somalilandsun- The quest of recognition that has mostly relied on oral persuasion is to change tack
This was revealed by the minister of foreign affairs Dr Saad Ali Shire during launch of books detailing the history of Somaliland as well as its legal and humanitarian cases for recognition held in Hargeisa.
Dr Saad Ali Shire upon stating that a country’s foreign policy revolves around political, security, economic and bilateral strategies that it established and maintains with others also took the opportunity to thank all those citizens who participated in making the books publication a success.
The historical timeline of Somaliland stretching from the sir of the Ottoman Empire through ascension of British to union with Italian Somalia and subsequent withdrawal from the union as well as prevalent status were presented by Dr Jama Muse Jama the executive director of the Hargeisa Cultural Centre
On the legal aspect of the Somaliland quest for international recognition titled The case for a democratic African state, participants were taken through the paces by the MOFA legal counsel
Upon Presentation of the three books participants were given an opportunity to query presenters as well as the minister as pertains the various aspects of the history, legal and humanitarian cases for Somaliland

Somaliland foreign minister Dr Saad Ali shire at the books launch
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