Somaliland: MOE Releases 2011/2012 Examination results


Hon zamzam (sitting)  flanked by Prof Daud announce examinations resultsHARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Only three students failed the final secondary school examinations while 187 did not participate.

The minister of education Hon Zamzam Abdi Aden revealed this during a press conference in her office in Hargeisa where she released results of the 2011/2012 final national examination results for primary and secondary schools.

Flanked by the chairperson of the national examination board Prof Daud Ahmed Farah, the education minister reported that 17468 students in 275 schools nationwide registered for the examinations of which 654 did not sit the examinations.

Of the total 17468 students registered for the examinations 5842 were from 63 secondary schools while 11626 were from 212 primary schools.

While congratulating the students, teachers and parents for a successful examination year Hon Zamzam informed that this year’s examination had the highest number of participants for the 21 years that Somaliland has been independent. According to the chairperson of the national examination, board Prof Daud Ahmed the 2011/2012

Examinations were the most successful and devoid of leakages despite the large number of participants and venues.

The education minister specially congratulated and commended Miss Salma Hasan Duale of Ilays secondary school, Hargeisa Maroodi Jeeh region for being the only girl to appear in the top ten of both secondary and secondary schools categories.

While apologizing for the delay in announcing results, an anomaly, which he attributed to the increase in participants the examination boss assured all of the diligence of his staff thus factual results.

Said he “Delay in releasing the examination results is as a result of the large number of participants coupled thus increased duties in relation to markings, checking, tabulations etc.”

Prof Daud also informed that 5642 secondary school students sat the exams of which only three, all from Hargeisa failed while 11626 primary school pupils sitting the exams in 212 institutions where 407 failures.

The released results indicate that the top ten students in the secondary examinations category were mostly from private schools as:

1. Mahmoud Muse Ali Egge-Nuradiin Schools, Maroodi jeeh region

2. Hamse Farah Abdilahi Abdi-Nuradiin Schools, Maroodi jeeh region

3. Muse Ahmed Ainanshe Odowa-SOS School-Sheikh, Sahil Region

4. Abdifatah Ahmed Sarhaye- Nuradiin Schools, Maroodi jeeh region

5. Abdirahman Hussein Ismail Yusuf-SOS School-Sheikh, Sahil Region

6. Abdiwahab Mohamed Abdirahman Yusuf-SOS School-Sheikh, Sahil Region

7. Ahmed Hirsi Osman-SOS School-Sheikh, Sahil Region

8. Mohamed Sugule Abdi-Abu Hureira School, Maroodi Jeeh region

9. Miss Salma Hasan Duale-Ilays secondary school, Maroodi Jeeh region

10. Yahye Rashid Omar Farah -Nuradiin Schools, Maroodi Jeeh region

As is evident from the list only one girl Miss Salma Hasan Duale of Ilays School made it to the top ten in the secondary school examinations as opposed to last year when a number appeared mostly from government schools.

While only one girl managed top ten at secondary school level, it was a different story at the primary school category where girls failed to make the top ten on the other hand public schools made it to the top as indicated by the results released by the MOE:

1. Mustapha Ismail Osman Nuradiin Schools, Maroodi Jeeh region

2. Abdikarim-sheikh Ibrahim School, Togdheer region

3. Sakariye Ahmed Saeed Egge-Irshad school, Maroodi Jeeh region

4. Farhan Jama Bulale- Al-khayr School, Maroodi Jeeh region

5. Yasin Abdilahi Aideed Yusuf-sheikh Ibrahim School, Togdheer region

6. Abdirahman Hasan Suleiman Bile-21 November School, Togdheer region

7. Mawlid Ahmed Barre Guleid-New Gabile School, Gabile Region

8. Abdirahman Osman Mohamed Samale-Oday Haji Mohamed School, Sahil region

9. Abdifatah Mohamed Hasan Nuh-Sheikh Ibrahim, Maroodi Jeeh region

10. Hasan Ibrahim Bulshale-Smart School- Togdheer region