Somaliland: MoE Partner Bulsho TV to Launch Education Program Called “AqoonJire”


Somalilandsun- Minister of Education Mr.Yassin Mohammud Hir (Faraton) has announced that Bulsho Television will televise a new educational program which will benefit high school students expecting to seat their final examination. The program is called ‘Aqoonjire’ and will be aired daily by Bulsho TV from 18th April 2018.

The minister was speaking in his office during a press conference occasioned by the Somaliland National Examination Council (SLNEC) chairman Mr.Daud Ahmed Farah.

According to information reaching Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) the minister reiterated that this program will help form four student to revise of their final examination which is around the corner.

Minister of Education Mr.Yassin Mohammud Hir (Faraton)

The SLNEC chairman confirmed that this program last fall benefited those students living in the country side who have no access to quality teaching. He went on to reveal that in last year examination many students from the country side passed with flying colors thanks to AQOONJIRE program.