Somaliland: Minority Clan Member Clinch Judicial Committee Membership


House in Session

By M.A Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A nominee from the minority members of the society clinched a position in the 14 member supposedly important national committee of judiciary.

Mr. Sharif Ibrahim Omar was voted in unanimously by all members at Monday’s session whereby they rejected another one, Ali Ahmed Meygag through voting power.

The parliament is mandated with the nomination of only two individuals to the 14 member team.

This rests the unprecedented outburst rhetoric that threatened SL that emanated from the minority clan’s traditional leaders led by Sultan Nassir Sultan Abdi Ismail who on Friday threatened to mention “SL discrimination” to the world international community and at the same time “reject” SL’s entity as a country.

Incidentally, another traditional leader of the same community King Ahmed Iman Warsame, was at the parliament, as a visitor, hence witnessed Sharif’s inclusion into the committee.

His threats came at the backdrop of the exclusion of the minority member from the same committee.

Coincidentally, this nomination comes a day after the Head of State; President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo hosted members of the minority clans at the presidency in Hargeisa.