Somaliland: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation (MOFAIC) Launch new Website Portal


By: M.Ali

Somalilandsun – The website will be launched with the objective of exerting relentless effort to provide information on various activities of the Ministry on both domestic and international arenas concerning political, economic, cultural and legal fields, and on bilateral and multilateral levels.

The site will display all press release, statements and speeches delivered in Somali, English and other Foreign languages by the Foreign Minister, deputy Foreign Ministers or senior officials before regional and international meetings and conferences.

The website which  has been under development little over 5 months is expected to commence on June 26, 2013, when Somalilander’s home and overseas celebrate the State of Somaliland’s independence from British Somaliland protectorate.

The Database-driven-website will be in line with the Ministry’s National Plan 2012-2016 programs and projects which aim to restructure the Ministry in order to expand its operational functions including developing information management system/Database-driven website. Website portal will enable the ministry to become more efficient, be much more connected to the world and advance Somaliland main pillars of the country’s main policy which are mainly to promote international recognition, the preservation of national integrity and sovereignty within secure borders, Strengthening of regional and international security cooperation and to create wealth promotion. As an e-diplomacy instrument the portal will help the ministry achieve its goals, mission and promote its vision to the rest of the world.

The MOFAIC portal, will feature a well-developed management system and easy to use and update by staff of both MOFAIC and the Diplomatic Missions. Officials will not need high ICT skills to manage and update the portal. we believe what is being done with the MOFAIC should be applied in all ministries. The idea should be the same and link all ministries and different institutions to the different sectors and people that they serve.

The significance of such portals will further be realized once the laying of SomCable’s fibre optic cabling throughout the country is done in 2014. The Fiber optic cable will ensure access to the internet for people throughout the country. The website will be means through which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will provide significant information about Somaliland to the rest of the world and is significant in the realization of the country’s National Development Plan. Portal will be easy to use will enable MOFAIC and Somaliland’s Diplomatic missions abroad disseminate information under one portal to people from all walks of life seeking information about the country.

The development and maintenance of the website portal will be managed by Techno ICT4D, which is an international ICT organization that works in the field of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D). Eden aims to improve governance through information management solutions and consulting services for development organizations and developing country governments. The organization designs and maintains several custom informational websites and databases for development organizations on a contractual basis.

The portal will link all of diplomatic missions of Somaliland to the MOFAIC and links Somaliland to the rest of the world. We are aware that you hope that the services offered by the site are to be presented in a high level performance that we all look forward to. we would also like to highlight the our willingness to receive your constructive comments and valuable remarks on the efficiency of this new site in order to contribute in its continuous enrichment and progress.

M Ali

ICT & Webmaster