Somaliland: Ministry of Education Coerces UNICEF Apology


Somaliland children to lose big if the MOE UNICEF dispute is not solved urgently

Somalilandsun- The Ministry of Education of S/land is asking your office in Hargeisa for full apology about the mis-conduct and misbehavior shown by a member of your staff Mr. Mohamud Abdi Sh. Ahmed after the announcement of winner of the Grant of GPE on 28/11/2016
This was as per the minister of education to the UNICEF Somaliland country office which in reply extended the apology while stating that it emanated from the, UN body’s, commitment to support the ministry and the right of every child’s right to schooling and learning” continue reading  Somaliland: The UNICEF and Education Ministry Saga of Apologies and Threats