Somaliland: State Avails Saraar Region Judiciary cum Police Hqs Building


New infrastructure to supplemet activites of the Saraar regional Government

By: Moody Boodle

Ainabo: (Somalilandsun) – A delegation of several ministers of Somaliland government on a duty of Saraar region presided over and laid the first corner stone of a building planned to serve both the judicial and the police headquarters.

The delegation led by the internal affairs minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waranade comprised of min. of Hon. Mahamud Hashi Abdi , min. of sports and tourism Hon. Ali Said Raygal and public works min. Hon. Abdifizak escorted by the governor of Saraar.

The Saraar police chief said that they don’t have enough police officers and the building they are using is in a state of shamble that is right before your eyes though today is a historic day as all this will see a new beginning a new dawn.

He governor thanked the President and his administration for his enforcing the development policies.

Meanwhile the interior minister said” it hurts to see the state of police building looks like and that it is sad knowing Somaliland is 20 years old and nothing had been about it”.

The minister’s delegation pledged to the people of Saraar more development strategies are destined for the region.