Somaliland: Ministers Commit to Adhering with President’s 120 days Action Plan


While legislature heads pledge to support President Behi Bolster and maintain peaceful security and stability.

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun-The President of the Republic H.E. Musa Behi Abdi has called upon his cabinet members to see to it that his envisaged 120 days plan be keenly adhered to and realized as much as possible.
This was contained in a resolute guideline that outlined the issues resolved to be done after a four-day working retreat in form of a workshop held for the Ministers at Royal Palace Hotel by the Civil Service Institute.
Amongst the resolutions were articles such as follows:-
1) The engagement of collective responsibility by the Council of Cabinet in order to work as a one entity; thus teamwork.
2) Policy plans should be based on Kulmiye development and National Development Plan II.
3) The stepping up of the efforts of lobbying for the country’s aspirations of recognition.
4) Bolstering of internal and external security.
5) Entice investments and easing Bureaucracy
6) Generations of income and streamlining of financial management.
7) Stepping up of efforts of local production and disseminating the need of the same to the populace.
8) Fledging of infrastructure.
9) Stepping up of good governance, transparency and justice.
10) Formulate the policy plans to combat drought and famine.
11) Upgrading the civil service dispensing.
12) Realizing the 120 days plan the President has envisaged with each ministry taking its one.
Somaliland Ministers Commit to Adhering with Presidents 120 days Action PlanOn the other hand the President met over the week with both Speakers of the Upper and Lower Houses of the Parliament the Hon. Suleiman Mohamoud Adan and Hon. Bashe Mohamed Farah respectively hence impressed upon them the needs of:-
1) Bolstering and maintaining peaceful security and stability.
2) Being ready for the upcoming Parliamentary and Civic Elections hence completion of the statutory regulations applying.
3) The stepping up of interworking relationships of the assemblies of national councils.
The President also gave the two Speakers tabs on aspects needed in a prior meeting he held with the National Electoral Commission.