Somaliland: Minister of Presidency Briefing on Planning Of The Erigavo Road & The Funds


Hon. Hersi

By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) The minister in the office of the President Hon. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan in his face book blog has explained in detail about the planning of the Erigavo –Burao road and the exact amount of funds that is in the coffers. He wrote” All praises are to Allah S.W.T. for showing the President the need to construct the forsaken road and put the first stone.

I thank the machinery of people who have proven this dream come true. I personally thank Boqor Burmadow for donating a 100camels.The funds has largely been donated by the members of public and part from the government coffers. The President has formed a committee for the collection of funds which has so far opened 4 accounts The central bank, Dahabshil, Salaam bank and Zaad services.

The government coffers have released 4 million dollars. Personal contribution was started by the President and his vice who have each given 6000 and 4000 dollars respectively.

Every member of the cabinet are also deducted 180 dollars every month and all of it put together sums up to 100,000 dollars. Monies extracted from all the civil service fraternity is 2.5 million dollars.

The 4 million from the government has already deposited 672,774 in the Central Bank of Somaliland. Funds collected from the members of the public that are collected in the 4 accounts sum up to 790,133.94 dollars. Still there are monies that have not yet reached the accounts such as 100,000 dollars that is in the hands of Erigavo committee.

The Somaliland students have collected 114,261 dollars. Another 100,000 dollars from the Saudi Diaspora. All the monies that has been deposited and the others we hope to be deposited.

We are waiting for another 2 bulldozers and 2 asphlat mix plant, paver and crusher.

I thank the community in Sheffield for donating 27,000 dollars and the UK Diaspora.

I am deeply grateful to ” beesha isaxaaq” for donating 100,000 dollars and 1200 herds of goat and camels.

Remember that tomorrow I will not be there and all the participants of this milestone project won’t be there but we want to create a path that the future generation will use to implement development programs.