Somaliland Minister of Health Cuts Ribbon for a New Hospital in Gar’adag


Somalilandsun: Minister of Health Cuts Ribbon for a New Hospital in Gar’adag

The minister of health Mr Hassan Mohamed Ali (Gafadhi) unveiled a new hospital in Gar’adag Town. Minister Gafadhi was accompanied by the ministry of health coordinator for Sanaag region, Gar’adag district administration officials and traditional elders from the region.

The hospital project was funded by Khadar Charity Organization.

Speaking during the opening ceremony the local leaders praised ministry of health for initiating many development programs in the area. They revealed that the people of Gar’adag were in need of a functional medical facility.

Ministry of health Sanaag region coordinator confirmed that Khadar Charity Organization built the hospital, whereas ministry of health furnished and bought the equipment. He said “I thank the people of Gar’adag in the diaspora who also contributed to this benevolent project.”

A top official of Khadar Charity Organization said “We are very pleased to handover this hospital project after its completion to the ministry of health. It was an honour for our organisation to be trusted with this project.”

Gar’adag councillors thanked ministry of health for initiating the hospital project. They confirmed that the people used to travel long distances to seek medical attention.

Addressing the participants at opening ceremony minister of health urged the people of Gar’adag to protect their new hospital. He said “I’m grateful to Khadar Charity Organization which implemented this project. Now the people of Gar’adag have a new hospital which they ought to maintain.”

By: Guled Abdi Mahir