Somaliland: Minister Hinda Jama Exits As President Bihi Restructures Senior Administration Echelons

President Bihi in major adminstration reshuffle

Somalilandsun: Only one woman Ms Shukri Haji Bandare remains in the Somaliland council of ministers following a reshuffle that saw the exit of the second woman minster.
This is according to statement released by the presidential press office in Hargeisa which informed of the reshuffle that saw Ms Hinda Jama Hirsi Mohamed axed from her tenure as the Somaliland minister of Employment and Family Affairs,
Others axed and immediately replaced were several ministerial director generals, senior of officials of Higher education commission, National elections commission, Civil Service Institute, Agricultural research institute and the national insurance agency.
Despite having one woman in the cabinet the president has appointed a couple of women to positions of ministerial director generals a formerly rare office for them.
Verbatim excerpts of the press statement in Somali language (translated by Somalilandsun) read
Press statement: 10/01/2021
Through presidential decree # JSL/XM/XKQ/222/1-614/012021 the head of state President Musa Bihi Abdi has restructured various echelons of his administration that including firing, reshuffle and new appointments
To: Ms Hinda Jama Hirsi Mohamed former minster of of Employment and Family Affairs
To: Abdi Nuur Ahmed ‘Cabdi Guray’ former director general ministry of interior
To: Ali Hussein Nuur Beeqsi former director general ministry of livestock and fisheries
To: Elmi Abdirahman Ashuur former Director General ministry of public works, Lands and Housing
To: Ali Abdilahi Dahir Hirsi former director general ministry of communication and technology
To: Abdirahman Saeed Yusuf former Director General National Elections Commission.
To: Hussein Haji Hasan Guleid former chairman Higher Education Commission
To: Abdikarim Mohamed Haji Ali former deputy chairman civil service commission and
To: Mohamed Hasan Sheikh Muumin former deputy chairman Higher education commission.
Lady and gentlemen
As you are all aware public service is provided whenever required and exited similarly and to this effect I hereby inform you that as from this date you have been removed from the public offices you held.
I thank you all for your dedicated service to the people and Republic of Somaliland.

With the exit of Hinda Jama ,L, Shukri Bandare remains only women minister in Somaliland

Guided by article 90 of the Somaliland constitution,
Upon be satisfied of your abilities (Education, Experience) to hold senior public coupled with consultations with various stakeholders, I have decided to make the following appointments that take effect from this day 19th January 2021
1. Suleiman Warsame Guleid Minster of Justice
2. Mustard Godane Ali Bile Minster of employment, social and family affairs
3. Saeed Ahmed Jibril Director General ministry of interior
4. Ahmed Ali Maah Warsame director general ministry of livestock and fisheries
5. Jamal Abdi Muse Diriye Director General ministry of public works, lands and housing
6. Roble Abdi Muse Mohamed Director General ministry of Agriculture
7. Ms Deeqa Abdi Yusuf Dhidar director general ministry of councils coordination and constitutional affairs
8. Farhiya Mohamed Abdirahman Dahir director general ministry of investment
9. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail director general ministry of information, Culture and national guidance
10. Muktar Mohamed Ali director general ministry of energy and minerals
11. Ms Amina Hussein Mahmud Jama director general ministry of communication and technology
12. Jamal Mohamed Jama Ashuur director general national elections commission
Several other officials serving in various parastatals I.e. Civil Service Institute, Agricultural research institute, civil service commission,higher education commission, national insurance agency were affected by either being axed or appointed.
In conclusion the head of state thanked all the outgoing officials whine he urged to expedite handover while congratulating the new appointees whom he reiterated upon the imperatives of diligence.
Musa Bihi Abdi
President of the Republic of Somaliland