Somaliland: Millions of Migrating Locusts take Blacken the Sky in Hargeisa

Millions of locusts darken the Hargeisa Skies

Somalilansun: The skies over the Somaliland capital Hargeisa  is this afternoon the home of millions of migrating locusts.

The large swarms are moving from south to north of Hargeisa with destination yet to be ascertained.

While various oarts of the country have been inundated by the locusts that have scourafed the whole of East Africa including Somaliland this is the first for Hargeisa residents to experience tye influx.

The Somaliland ministry of Agricultural Development has been combating the influx with support of international parthers like FAO

While this is no oking matter children were observed jumping up and down saying “HERE COMES CORONA: a statement that gors to show hiw little people here know of the pandemic

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