Somaliland: Military tactics course sponsored by U.K


London H.W.W

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Welcome ceremony will be made for captain Niman who is one of Somaliland officers participating military course offered by the government of United Kingdom to a multinational countries of Europe and Africa by the Somaliland association to UK captain.

Niman Yusuf will stay London for a period of 3 months at his stay he will have a meeting with S/land associations living in UK, after he received an invitation from them. Niman Yusuf is one of the Somaliland national military forces officers, he graduated from Ethiopia and luckily he became one of the officers awarded a 3 months course by UK government on behave of Somaliland forces, its first time having course since his captain Rack from Somaliland.

Captain Niman Yusuf Gaxnug who is a member of S/land homey force has received luckily his course of multi nations, Europe – Africa. Niman is only the S/lander awarded this training (military)

BY Warsame