Somaliland Military Officers among First Batch to Graduate from Ethiopia’s Defense War College

Somaliland Military Officers among First Batch to Graduate from Ethiopia's Defense War College
PM Abiy Ahmed poses with first batch of graduates of the Erhiopia War Defence College,  among them two Somaliland Military Officers 

Somalilandsun: The Ethiopian Defense War College-DWC first batch of graduates includes two Somaliland officers.
The ceremony was witnessed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed along with senior Ethiopia military officers in which 38 career military officers from various backgrounds become the first to graduate from the Federal War college

Apart from the large participation by many senior military and security services officers also in attendance were family and friends of the graduands as well as Addis Ababa based Military attaches of various countries.
The two Somaliland .military officers at the graduands podium were Colonel Ahmed Hasan Farah and Colonel Mohamed Haji Isse.
The DWC graduates who included military officers and civilian professional return to duty stations skilled leaders with competency in international, regional and national strategic security affairs.
Prime Minister Abiy urged the graduates to continue their quest for knowledge and to share it with others. Military attaches of various countreis have also attend the graduation ceremony.

Somaliland Military Officers among First Batch to Graduate from Ethiopia's Defense War College
PM Abiy officiated the first graduation of the Ethiopia War Defence College

Though the Federal Government of Ethiopia does not official recognized the Independence of Somaliland, Addis Ababa maintains the longest serving diplomatic mission in Hargeisa while over the years local military officers have been beneficiary of Training by Ethiopians in Ethiopia

About DWC
The F.D.R.E Defense War College (DWC) become fully operational in Oct 2019 as Ethiopian’s first and senior level strategic education and research institution.
It has the mandate to produce senior military and civilian leaders who can effectively analyze complicated security threats, give solution and direction by creating well-organized cooperation with other national and regional security and intelligence forces.

Somaliland Military Officers among First Batch of Ethiopia’s Defence War College Graduates

Upon DWC training graduates shall be Equipped with knowledge and skills which enable to analyze the sources, trends and opportunities of international, regional and national security and national interest vis-à-vis national security policy and strategy!
Develop in-depth understanding on warfare and military doctrine and skills on planning, organizing and effectively leading military operations! And
Endowed with skills research and development as pertains the Ethiopian Defense and other national security issues!