Somaliland: Military Fatigue Dressed Minister Surprises Las Anod Residents


Resident 1 “Wariyahe kan ma wasiir baa mise waa askari?
Resident 2 “Inaadeer ma .garanayo waayo waxa layiiri was wasirka beeraha laakiinse wuxu xidhaan dress Askari bila darajo

Somaliland agriculture minister Mohamed aw Dahir dressed in army uniform

By: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS ANOD ( Somalilandsun) – Residents of Las Anod the capital of Sool region and elsewhere in the country as well are not sure how to perceive the visit by the minister of Agriculture to the country’s east.
In his maiden visit to Las Anod the Somaliland minister of Agriculture had difficulties engaging his listeners while explaining the development driven purpose his ministry’s high powered delegation has embarked on.
The agriculture minister Mohamed Aw Dahir found it difficult to have his listeners follow proceedings of his speech presumably on development activities undertaken by his ministry in Sool region since his audience were fidgety and murmuring to one another in amazement.
The fidgety citizens though had eyes glued to the minister their ears were elsewhere as they tried to understand why a government minister especially one without any security mandate nor a soldier was dressed in military uniform.
And as he continued his address the residents were discussing among themselves
Resident 1 “Wariyahe kan ma wasiir baa mise waa askari? ( is this a minister or soldier)
Resident 2 “Inaadeer ma .garanayo waayo waxa layiiri was wasirka beeraha laakiinse wuxu xidhaan dress Askari bila darajo ( cousin I don’t know because we were told he is the minister of agriculture but he is dressed in army uniform without rank)

Agriculture minister Mohamed aw DahirAccording to state owned  the mode of dressing by the agriculture minister Mohamed Aw Dahir was in very bad taste as it implied that Las Anod town and the entire Sool region was an insecure area within the republic of Somaliland.
While the area has lately been in the news in relation to armed conflict between two Dharkein-genyo village resident clans that saw over 40 die before the Government and local leaders reconciled them, the agriculture minister’s military dress was translated by many as the manner in which the administration perceives the region, that is INSECURE.
As this is contrary to the polices of the President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo, the errant minister should expedite a public apology or RESIGN immediately.
Sool region though lagging slightly behind other regions of in terms of development and access to public service, is part and parcel of Somaliland and should be accorded the same courtesy by ministers and other public servants.
Meanwhile where did the minister not only get the military garb but gumption to dress in it as well not to mention assumption of defense service membership