Somaliland: migrant avec sa palme d’or, a Story about Humanism and Love by Yasin Dahir Omar


Somalilandsun- A universal and dramatic story (I love you neither) between a closed double-door Europe and an Africa that cares less of its youth. It is a book that clarifies the questions of migrants from East Africa, their chaotic path in Libya and their survival in Europe. It is inevitably important to ask the questions that deserve to be.
The book in French language under title “migrant avec sa palme d’or” is authored by Yasin Dahir Omar a 48 years old French citizen of Somaliland origin and parent based in Paris writer he has resided since migrating to Europe as a refugee in three decades ago.
Loosely translated to English as Migrant with his golden palm” the author narrates the story of A young man named Takar, like so many others of his age, risks his life for an unknown destination in the hands of unscrupulous smugglers who consider him a commodity. These smugglers now slavers and slavers at the same time, cause the misfortune of human beings with tragic past and trace the darkest memories of humanity.
This book evokes the destiny of these migrants from East Africa. Their chaotic journey and their survival in Europe.
For Takar, It is important to ask the right questions. It is a universal, dramatic destiny, but softened by a love story to the “i love you neither”. He is a young man like so many others his age.

The author Yasin Dahir shares his book with prominent Somaliland citizens among them Edna Adan

He risks his life for an unknown destination, in the hands of the passers-by who regard him as a banal commodity, with his incoterms, except that there is neither guarantee nor Destination.
Why do these young people take so many risks to flee their country? Will they fulfill the conditions of political asylum seekers when they arrive in Europe? (geneva Convention).
Their only hope is to get closer to humanism
In the narration based on true stories Takar will face multiple challenges without shaking or capitulating. Each crossing from one country to another will be a tragedy in itself. Why do these young people take so much risk? Asks the author

The author currently in Somaliland promoting his book told that the book was driven by desire to negate misconceptions by politicians in Europe “that most migrants from Africa are economic thence unworthy of welcome”
Adding that “At the same time am in pursuit of deterring future illegal migrants through relevant and factual information of what exactly is life in Europe for an African refugee or migrant”
Though he is a regular visitor to Somaliland where his extended family lives, the current visit now in its third month sees Yasin Dahir Omar promote his book prominently at the Hargeisa International Book Fair 2018.
“While the idea behind my book was received very well, the minimal use of the French language in Somaliland was identified as an impediment for the target readership, that is youths” said the author adding that
This led to the idea of translating the French language migrant avec sa palme d’or” into somali, “a mission now complete under title NINKII QAXOOTIGA & LAANTIISII DAHABKA
Once translated and widely available in local bookshops the Somali language version is doing brisk business with massive sales especially at
Maktabada Nur, Redsea Bookshop , Mahad stationary near Hargeisa university and Makhtaba Alhusseyni all in Hargeisa While plans are at an advanced stage to avail it nationwide especially in the major cities of Berbera, Borame, Burao, Las Anaod and Erigavo.
The French version migrant avec sa palme d’or”is available online at Amazon and Fnac and harcopy on various Paris bookstores

Yasin Dahir aomar

“Though the book is being sold thence profitable to me I urge all youths to read it for it will open their minds to conditions of illegal immigration and subsequent poor lives in Europe” says author Yasin Dahir while stressing that it would be very helpful to the government’s anti illegal immigration strategy if the ministry of education can adapt the book as part of the Somaliland school curriculum especially at secondary school level
On the motive behind the tedious work that took Seven years collecting factual stories from Somali in Europe thence compile his book, the author said
“Misconceptions are on either side of the migrant crisis, in Europe they say it is due to want of better economic status, which of course is only for one percent while in Africa and mostly in the Horn of Africa it is because of quest for safe havens”

The French Somalilander adds that it is now a fact that “The lack of safety and security, not unemployment and poverty, is the main reason young people in Afghanistan and Somalia intend to leave their homes and migrate to Europe”

This fact was brought to light by a recent study to a report released by global organization Mercy Corps and independent think tank Samuel Hall.

These findings, described in the report, “Driven to Leave,” call into question the efficacy of traditional development investments that seek to deter migration from countries lacking basic rule of law and security by providing job training and skills building.

It is based on 12,200 surveys conducted from 2014-17 in Afghanistan and Somalia, and in-depth interviews with Somalis and Afghans at home and in Italy and Greece from 2017.

Yasin Dahir Omar

“We now know far more about why young people are pushed to migrate from unstable environments, and it’s less likely to be because they are seeking to improve their material welfare,” says Beza Tesfaye, Senior Researcher, Mercy Corps. “It seems a greater reason is often the search for stability, safety and security, based on their own experience of violence, as well as perceptions of future insecurity in their community.”
For Yasin this report which was brought to his attention during the interview as very satisfying for it validates his book’s theme which tries to negate the notion of poverty driven migration to Europe or elsewhere abroad not to mention the difficulties these migrants encounter.
The author has also spend his time in Hargeisa lecturing at various universities where he concentrates on enlightening youths on the ills of illegal migration as well as what life holds for those who actually succeed

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Says he to local youths “the story of Takar could be yours tomorrow since we’re going through an unpredictable time! Everything he had imagined was reduced to ashes in a few days. He found himself alone in the world, nothing to cling to, emptiness, then disarray. Fortunately”
While acknowledging the support given to migrants by some Europeans both individuals and corporate the author’s narration adds in the case of Takar and others “There were these few humanists who gave him a helping hand every time he stumbled. These beings, the best representatives of the human race, who had no other benefit than to save man,…
Is that necessary? It is possible to delete “necessarily ”
In conclusion the author of French language“migrant avec sa palme d’or” Book (Migrant with his golden palm) and Somali language version INKII QAXOOTIGA & LAANTIISII DAHABKA , Yasin Dahir Omar a French citizen of Somaliland origin says
“Some will think that this story is pure fiction, that it cannot take place in the 21st century, others would think that it is the highly exaggerated narrative of what migrants tell to attract the sympathy of the host Countries. But this is the real story lived by men and women, some of whom are still Alive. It’s not just a story about modern migration, it’s a story about life, it’s a story about man, it’s a story about humanity, it’s a story about love, it’s a story about the universal values of dignity and beauty…