Somaliland: Media, politicians should veer off wrong tracks



As the elections for the councils round the corner continues to close up as the clock ticks on, the political temperature however continues to climb up the thermo-scales quite un-correspondingly.

It is of course incumbent upon us, as members of the media fraternity, to always be and remain the impartial voices of reason.

Of course, once more, it is upon us not to join the emotionally charged free-for-all entangle just as it is upon us, too, to call upon others to refrain from veering off the right track and course.

At a time that each and every aspiring political organization is clamoring to parade contestants, drums of misdemeanor is sort of being sounded in the back grounds.

One day sees a caucus of tribesmen meeting to give warning and declaring the city’s councillorship to be gowns clad by certain clans; the next day sees an even bigger assembly whose horns blare higher pitches of sounds declaring with finality that the game of politics (in the city) is an open one for all clans!

The words are easier said than their repercussions perceived. For one, such declarations only foment more impartially tailored whims to suit certain innuendoes.

In other words, fertile ground to nurture ill-will is in the pipeline, for at all times, such unholy alliances meant to butter certain breads are not portending well for the larger national picture.

While the sprouts have just off-shooted, we should nip in the bud all dangerously perceived growths.

What we are herein vouching for is to root out tribalism, while we can, at the most dangerous level.

It is high time that the ministry’s division of National Guidance take a bold step and with the joint help and coordination of the good offices and line departments at the Interior, Justice, Religion and Endowment and any caring NGO, to virulently with constant stride, make a focused vigorous campaign maintain peaceful stability and harmony.

What SL has so painstakingly molded should not be let to such vulnerability that would easily render it asunder.

It is not only that our trademark of homegrown peace should be there for raking foreign accolades only; oh no! We want peace which is everlasting for that is what we and our posterity are entitled to, and for.

We want clean politics and non-incident elections.

Once more we caution, as we have always been doing, the media folks to toe ethical lines and be truthful to both their-selves and their readers, viewers, listeners – read – members of the public.