Somaliland: Medeshi Dispels Allege Ill Health of President Silanyo


“president is in good health here in London despite rumours” Mo Ali
Photo of president Silanyo during a function in London Captured from live video by Medeshi

Somalilandsun- The president of Somaliland republic and the First Lady are currently in London for a short holiday after spending much of last year running the affairs of the country.

The president is in good health and will shortly be returning back to Somaliland, according to the Somaliland mission in UK .
Many websites and social media pages have claimed that the president is sick and has tumor in the head. Some have gone further and claimed a dispute between the president’s family on the treatment of the president’s presumed tumor.

I spoke to Ayan Ashour who is the representative of Somaliland government in the U K and she told me that: “The president is in good health and has come to the U.K for a short holiday. I met the president the night before last night and we discussed work related matters along with the Minister of Foreign affairs of Somaliland Dr Sa’ad Shire”. Ayan also said that: “It is a shame that certain disgruntled people are spreading rumours and fake news about the health of the president”.
I have also spoken to friends of mine in London who confirmed to me that president Silanyo is in good health and that all these rumours about his health are malicious and unfounded. I have also watched live video on Facebook where the president was invited by members of the Somaliland public in London. No signs of illness could be noticed in the whole video.
The president who has home in Wimbledon sometimes visits Kingston while in London to do shopping. Kingston Borough is next to Merton of which Wimbledon is part of.
The last time I saw the president and members of his family in Kingston town centre was in October 2014. I hope that I will have another chance to see him again in Kingston this year.
I therefore, call upon the people circulating fake news about the health of the president to refrain from spreading such malicious news. I also call upon all Somalilanders to respect the leadership of our nation. These malicious rumors harm our national interest and create doubt on the ability of our leaders to guide the nation. This has to stop.
The writer Mohamed Ali is a British Somalilander based in Kingston London where he also edits