Somaliland: Matrimonial Vows that Stunned a Nation


Bride Hodha and Groom Abdifatah confident and majestic

Whoever said love is blind should have been in Hargeisa city to elaborate on what is blindness.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A marriage said to have been arranged in Heaven has perplexed many.

While all matrimonial relations are arranged in heaven, the wedding of Mr. Abdifatah Mohamed Yusuf and M/s Hodha Mohamed Liidan claimed top heavenly consent due its uniqueness.

On Saturday evening hundreds of perplexed Hargeisa Residents who witnessed the wedding at Imperial Hotel in Hargeisa were all in accord that the Bride and Groom were born for each other.

Groom Abdifatah and Bride Hodha became the first known blind couple in all Somali speaking territories since time immemorial.

The couple who went through the usual wedding procedures without any mishaps occasioned by their visual impairment amazed not only the multitude of invited and uninvited guests but an entire nation that watched on TV.

With dark wraparound Rayban glasses Groom Abdifatah attired in a black suit led his Bride Hodha Clad in a beautiful bridal gown, majestically and confidently into the hall where an astounded guest welcomed them with ululations never heard before at a wedding.

The majestic entry of the history making couple also resulted in Men ululating louder than women. Though Ululating is a traditional reserve of women, the jubilant and unashamed menfolk requested the surprised women to ignore their ululations just this once.

While we acclaim this wedding as a wonder, it is now upon all Somalilanders to see to it that the couple is accorded the respect they deserve especially as ensuring that their house is treated like any other and not a zoo where we all go to gape in wonder.

The marriage should also act as a wakeup call to the government to establish and implement policies that pertain to the welfare of citizens with impairment.

Whoever said love is blind should have been in Hargeisa city to elaborate on what is blindness.