Somaliland Marks 32nd Independence Day Celebrations in Style


Somalilandsun: Marks 32nd Independence Day Celebrations in Style

The country today celebrated the 32nd anniversary of its independence from Somalia. Hundreds of thousands of people thronged Hargeisa’s thoroughfares to acknowledge this great day.

President H.E Musa Bihi Abd, led the nation, to celebrate the liberation of Somaliland from shackles of dictatorial regime of Somalia.

The commander in chief of Somaliland armed forces watched as members of different branches of the armed forces saluted him at the presidential pavilion as they marched along road number one in Hargeisa.

The head of state was flanked by his vice president Mr.Abdirahman Ismael Sayli’i, members of the cabinet, ambassadors from different countries, legislators and other important dignitaries. They observed the parade from the dais.

Diplomats from Kenya, Taiwan, UAE, Ethiopia and Djibouti celebrated with the people of Somaliland.

Somaliland regained her independence from Somalia on 18th May 1991 after a protracted war which led to the collapse of dictatorial government of Colonel Siad Barre.

Hargeisa streets was full of people who donned the red, white and green colours of national flag.

Jubilant members of the public listened to patriotic songs emanated from loud mobile speakers they carried.

The celebrations was also marked in other regions of the country.

Our journalists in Burao, Berbera, Odweine,Ainabo, Wajale, Gabiley, Oog and Sheikh towns confirmed the mood around the nation was celebratory.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir