Somaliland: Man Commits Suicide in Goljano Estate Hargeisa


Somalilandsun- A middle-aged man has committed suicide in Hargeisa. According to reports the man name was given as Mr.Hassan Issa (Hassan Dhagahle) who was said to be aged 30 years. The fire was noticed when it almost spread to an adjacent petrol station known as Kulmiye Fuel Station behind the Hargeisa Provincial Hospital. Rescuers found part of the deceased leg from the polythene thatched hut however the body was burnt beyond recognition.

The House late Hassan Dhagahle resided was located between the Republican Newspaper headquarters and Kulmiye Fuel Station.

Hundreds of youths converged at the scene of the fire before police dispersed them. Inhabitants of Goljano area were panic stricken because the fire could spread to their abodes.  This is not the first suicide in Hargeisa by a youthful person. Many youths are suspected to have taken their life following failure to pass their examination others because of grinding poverty and unemployment.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir