Somaliland: Mahiga Now You Know, Dr Silanyo is not a Trifle


“Amb Mahiga Hargeisa is not Mogadishu where you order and abuse local leaders” Citizens

On the 7th November the UN Special representative to Somalia Ambassador Augustine Mahiga wrote a letter to the president Dr Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo where he addressed our head of state as “The president of Somaliland State of Somalia”

The Ambassador presumed that Dr Silanyo will not notice the deeming title of the president of a Somalia regional administration because he, Mahiga, thought (erroneously) that the subject matter “A high level UN delegation to review of its operations in the region’ was of a dazzling magnitude to Somaliland

What a bombshell when the President H.E Dr Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo’s reply was delivered to Mahiga

Quote ” I refer to your letter dated 7 November regarding the review which the UN is to conduct of its operations in the Region.” President Silanyo said in his letter and added, “On behalf of the Somaliland government, I wish to correct the erroneous references in your letter to me as “The president of Somaliland State of Somalia” a title which my government considers inappropriate.”

“The reference is both inaccurate and discourteous, given that this nomenclature is not used by our government or by any other state that deals with us.” Unquote

With this words as well as a brief lecture on the history of Somaliland, our president, not only put Mahiga in his rightful place but more importantly won the hearts of the entire nation by upholding his oath of office “To uphold and protect the constitution of Somaliland”

While congratulating you in the prowess you portrayed in this issue, Mr President the entire citizenry is also solidly behind you in whatever decision you take pertaining to the never ending belittling of the nation by Ambassador Mahiga.’

This said and done your Excellency the matter need not rest there, thus Mahiga who is a representative only for Somalia must go in order for the UN to appoint a replacement with the official title of UN representative for Somalia and Somaliland. WHY NOT?

If the European Union can do so with Ambassador Cervone D’Urso there is no reason why the UN shouldn’t.

Dr Silanyo if you set your sights on this course of action, Somalilanders are confident that the desired outcome is realistic and achievable, so Mahiga Must Go

For you, your Excellency, to accomplish this mission of Mahiga Must Go, desired by all your humble subjects a wide review of our foreign policy needs to be undertaken thus close all the loopholes that continue to dodge and negate every diplomatic coup you make.

Mahiga Must Go! Sooner Rather than Later!

This is an editorial of the published in Hargeisa by the Geeska Afrika media group