Somaliland: SACC Calls for Resignation of Finance Minister to Pave Way for Undiluted In


Finance Minister Samale

“If you are trusted with public office don’t think that it is your chance to self enrichment by greedily accumulating public resources without due regard to the ruled as you will be caught one day siphoning state coffers ” Per Mr. Said Harrir Diriye, the head Somaliland Anti Corruption Commission- SACC in reference to Treasury minister Hon. Abdiaziz Samale

By: Osman A.M.

Somalilandsun – A London based Anti-graft agency has called for the immediate resignation of Finance minister Hon. Abdiaziz Samale over a corruption scandal involving public cash totaling close to $ 30,000,000,000 which stepping down is aimed at paving for criminal investigations of fraud & malpractices (read abuse of office charges) to be instituted against him over 2013/2014 fiscal budget.

The chair of London’s Somaliland Anti-Corruption Commission (SACC) Mr. Said Harrir Diriye in an officially signed letter dated 25th March addressed to the head of Supreme Court & copied to the President, two speakers of Parliament & the two opposition leaders called for censure against Samale as well as conducting external audit of treasury’s account beginning from the tenure of his incumbency at the powerful docket to date.

The chairman wrote,

“SACC is asking the Government of President Silanyo to pressure Samale into stepping aside pending the outcome of investigations on his conduct over the missing public monies .In light of the above, it is our considerations that Government parastatals together with international organizations tasked with impacting governance policies would join us hands as the issue is one bearing collateral damages in the eyes of international society especially at these times when the country is yearning for recognition”.

Mr. Diriye also affixed the opposition leaders arguing them to extend comradeship hand in revealing the destination of the missing monies by attending Court’s cases when the minister’s trial begins.

Somaliland Anti-Corruption Commission’s leadership has the full trust of the Government in taking an appropriate action against the treasury minister but avers that in the unlikely event that action (both administrative & judicial) is not taken against Samale then, “we shall proceed to seek justice from frontiers of international arenas by contacting bodies like Transparency International, donor nations as well as the International Civil Court where we shall argue our case” said the Mr. Diriye.