Somaliland: London 18th May Commemorations Preparatory Committee Statement


Funds raised in the 18 may celebrations commemorating Somaliland’s 22nd Independence

Dear Readers

As one of the members who’s initiative it was to host the 18 May celebrations in London, the team has asked me to release this statement for public consumption thus clarify a few issues that have cropped-up , Mr Idris Mohamed

Somalilandsun -Upon reviewing the dialogue between ourselves and the committee, we have decided to shed light on the current situation. Given that reports have surfaced about the matter, it is partly our responsibility to state the facts.

First of all it was our initiative to begin with. We, believing and acting in the interest of the community, decided to merge with the committee to have a unified event where all Somalilanders in the United Kingdom could gather. Additionally an agreement was made with the committee before preparations began. We would like to stress that we are saddened by the committee’s lack of effort in keeping their promise.

In terms of objectivity the event was intended not only to mark Somaliland’s Independence Day but to also raise funds for the street children and orphans of Somaliland. Our goal was to distribute the funds via our ambassadors who are currently all in Somaliland. We can testify that the calculations given by the committee are incorrect especially the expenses. Additionally, we can testify that the proceeds were last seen on 18 May 2013.

All sections of the community have been notified about this including the elders as well as the Somaliland Government. Accordingly the media were the last to be contacted. There have been indications that we refused to take the proceeds, however this is untrue and we have proof to verify this. Moreover the idea of appearing on national TV is perplexing seeing as there are outstanding issues which need clarification. We formally put forward a session that a joint press conference be held together if this matter is concluded.

Despite the many meetings and conversations that we have had with the committee to resolve the situation, we have reached the conclusion that we cannot carry on directly with the committee. Therefore we suggest that other parties, in line with our customs, namely the elders, continue the dialogue.

We are concerned that unless action is taken by the wider Somaliland community whether in the UK or in the diaspora, then quite simply present circumstances, much like the previous events will not only continue to reoccur but more importantly it will become the norm. It is of the utmost importance to confront such actions.

All that we ask of the committee is to continue dialogue and reduce manner of dishonesty, arrogance and intimidation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all sections of the community for their support. We hope that this statement will pave a way of settling this dilemma.

Idris Mohamed