Somaliland: Locally Brewed Reconciliation and Peace Creation Mechanism Acknowledged Internationally


Somaliland Interior minister Waranade (L) flanks his Foreign ffairs counteprart Mohamed behi Yomis during a joint press brieifng at EgalAirport Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – In its entire essence the republic of Somaliland believes in peaceful co-existence among its diverse communities and with neighbouring countries.

This was informed during a press briefing by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Interior Mohamed Bihi Younis and Mohamed Ali Waran’ade at the Egal airport in Hargeisa upon return from an official working visit to Ethiopia.

Foreign minister Bihi Younis who revealed that multi-faceted achievements attained by Somalilanders single handedly is facilitating a changed perception of the unrecognized country by the international community.

In Elaboration the FM said that their presentation at the two days Tana Forum held in Bardahar Ethiopia on the Somaliland home grown peace and reconciliation process that has succeed was acclaimed by the governments, diplomats and academicians in attendance as worthy of emulation for similar effect in a number of troubled countries.

“Apart from the plenary presentation we had the opportunity to meet with notables like Sudanese president El-Bashir , his South Sudan Counterpart Salva Kiir, Ex- president of Burundi Pierre Buyoya , Ex Central Africa PM and Forum organizer and moderator Olesegun Obassanjo among many ” Said Bihi Younis.

Of note was the interests shown upon the Somaliland reconciliation model by the former Ethiopian president who is mediating the SPLM conflict in South Sudan is hopeful of modeling his efforts on the Somaliland version.

Among other troubled countries where the international community has failed in effecting peace despite millions of dollars in cash and material inputs thence desirous of trying the Somaliland home grown model include the Central African Republic, Darfur, Mali and Chad.

At the Tana forum which is held in commemoration of the deceased prime minister of Ethiopia late Meles Zenawi, the FM revealed that meetings were also held with Abdiweli Gas the president of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland

“Though our reconciliation model was accorded the international acknowledgment it deserves, the same IC is also firmly aware of our determination to protect and maintain our territorial integrity” said the Somaliland Foreign affairs Minister Mohamed Bihi Younis

As per the recent diplomatic spurt between Somaliland and Ethiopia occasioned by the arrest of intelligence officers at Gabile the interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran’ade said that the government of Somaliland has accepted responsibility for improper diplomatic etiquettes.

“Upon official invitation from the Ethiopian government we met the Addis Ababa based Foreign Affairs minister, Security minister and Intelligence officials with whom we solved the problem and things are back to normal” said Waran’ade .

A short while back Gabile regional authorities arrested undeclared Ethiopian intelligence officers who were reportedly torture thus divulging top secret information related to Terrorists operatives in the Horn of Africa Region.

According to the Interior minister the regional officials responsible for the international fiasco among are to be punished as per the laws of the land and reliable information is that the Regional governor of Gabile has been suspending while internal investigations are pursued.

On the issue of the Somaliland, internationally conceded, advent as an African powerhouse in devising locally brewed and successfully internal security and peace mechanisms without external assistance or as a recognized country the interior minister who attributed this success to citizens urged Somalilanders not to rest with the accolades but strive for more and better.

In Conclusion Waran’ade revealed that the country will provide security to its peoples wherever they reside within the borders of the country said that security arms of the government will remain at heightened alert especially at borders with countries that continuously spew venom.